What Makes a Skin Care Product Organic or Natural?

Organic and natural skin care products are made with ingredients that are pure to nature – generally untouched by harmful chemicals. The labels “natural” and “organic” are not interchangeable, however.

The “natural” label is not legally regulated, therefore it cannot always be trusted. In fact, many products that claim to be natural will still contain synthetic ingredients! The best way to know for sure whether your skin care products are natural or not is to read the label. Look for ingredients from the earth – not born in a lab.

The use of the word “organic” is highly regulated. Products labeled as certified organic by the USDA are legally supposed to contain only ingredients that have been grown and processed under a very strict code of cleanliness, in facilities that do not use pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically-modified organisms.

Annmarie Skin Care products are made using organically-grown ingredients, from farmers who use little to no pesticides and natural fertilizers to produce them. You won’t see “certified organic” labels on our products, however. We source each ingredient from farmers who care about producing quality, organic products – but they may not always be certified. In our experience, large, commercial farms with organic certifications can often times use amounts of chemicals and pesticides throughout the growing process, while still maintaining their label. We would rather source ingredients from people who care, than pay for a label.

Other products contain a selection of herbs that are handpicked in the mountains where they grow wild, which is why these products are labeled “wildcrafted.” Wildcrafted herbs cannot be labeled organic, but they are in essence the most organically grown ingredients we use. Additionally, if we use water in our products, we use natural spring water directly from the source, which also cannot be labeled organic.

We choose every ingredient specifically and consciously, taking into account aspects beyond just organics. We look at sustainability, labor conditions, and geographic location of the ingredients we source. When you choose an Annmarie Skin Care product, you can be sure it is natural in every sense of the word.