What Are The Best Organic Facial Cleansers?

Much as there are different moisturizers for different skin types, there are different facial cleansers for different skin types as well. While both of our organic facial cleansers are great for your skin, you may find that one balances your skin and meets your needs better than the other.

If you are in need of hydration and moisture, we suggest our Aloe Herb Cleanser. Made from organically grown aloe plants and coconut oil, containing herbs such as lavender and neem, and balanced with essential oils of ruby grapefruit, lemon, and green mandarin. Our Aloe Herb Cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities while locking in moisture, so your skin feels unbelievably soft and hydrated. It is pH balanced, easy on your skin, and a perfect way to start and end your day.

If you find yourself in search of a cleanser that lifts excess oil without being overly-drying or damaging to your skin, look no further than our Citrus Mint Cleanser. Made with witch hazel to clear pores without damaging the skin’s protective barrier, and containing soothing peppermint essential oil, the Citrus Mint Cleanser is perfect for combination or oily skin types. You can even use this cleanser with our bamboo face brush for more exfoliation and a deeper clean, while still feeling secure that you are taking proper care of your skin. Use the Citrus Mint Cleanser at night and in the morning for clearer, more balanced skin.