What Are Some Tips For Making My Foundation Look Natural?

If you’ve heard about all the benefits of mineral foundation, you may be ready to test it out. Here are a few tips to keep your foundation looking fresh, while still keeping the focus on you, not your makeup.

Start with a little bit first: If you’ve been using regular liquid foundation, you are used to having to use a lot of product for an even finish. Mineral makeup is designed to give you an even finish no matter how much you use. While you can use more makeup for fuller coverage, you may find that you are perfectly happy with a smaller amount.

Try it as a liquid: While many of our mineral makeup wearers love applying their mineral foundation as a powder using a makeup brush, you may like the control and feeling of a liquid foundation. You can mix your powder foundation with a facial oil or serum of your choice, and then apply with your fingertips or a makeup brush for a dewy finish.

Use it as a powder: Looking for a more matte, everyday look? After moisturizing, use the mineral makeup in its powder form. Dip your makeup brush in the mineral makeup, tap off the excess makeup, and apply the makeup in a circular motion. Smooth and even your makeup with your fingers for a perfect finish.
Defeat dark circles: You can even diminish the look of dark circles under your eyes by applying Anti-Aging Eye Cream to reflect light before you apply your mineral makeup, too.

Want to see a demo? Check out our instructional video here for more tips for a flawless foundation.