What Are Good, Non-Toxic, Anti-Aging Products?

In the current world of skin care, new anti-aging products pop up every day. Which products are organic? Which ones are not only effective but also healthy for your skin? Are any of these anti-aging products actually going to work? Let’s be real, a lot of anti-aging products don’t really work, and they can be full of harsh chemicals. No thanks.

Annmarie Skin Care has created an entire line of organic and non-toxic anti-aging products designed to work together so your skin looks younger and brighter. This leaves you looking more well-rested, even on those days when you aren’t exactly feeling well-rested, and who doesn’t want that?

If you’re looking for a new anti-aging skin care regimen that’s also organic, we suggest starting with three of our most beloved, tried-and-true products.

  • Our number one product for firming and tightening skin is our Anti-Aging Serum. It hydrates your skin, and it protects it from environmental stressors that can quickly age you too. Without environmental stressors, and without the stress of worrying about harmful toxins in your skin care products, your skin will appear younger and fresher than ever!
  • If you’re wanting your skin to appear youthful and dewy, look no further than our Anti-Aging Facial Oil. Its ingredients are organically grown, and its main component, jojoba oil, mimics your skin’s natural oil to lock in moisture and soften and condition skin. Plus it’s made with broccoli seed oil, so you know your mom would approve.
  • Our Anti-Aging Eye Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firms skin, and is loaded with antioxidants from green tea and goji berries. It’s also made with cucumber extract, which helps reduce the appearance of puffiness – just like wearing cucumber slices at a trip to the spa, minus the sliced vegetable mess.

These three products work together to fight dry skin, moisturize, tighten and tone, and leave you looking like your most well-rested, rejuvenated self. What could be better than that? We happen to love these three products so much, we sell them together in our Restore Essentials Set.

We’ve all heard it before, but protecting your skin from sun damage is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin looking and feeling young. Our Sun Love Broad Spectrum Natural Sunscreen will keep your skin protected from the sun without harsh chemicals, giving you the freedom to enjoy the sunshine without the worry of how it’s harming your skin.

Be sure to check out our Sun Love sunscreen and Restore Essentials Set, and take a look at our Restore Gift Set too. It’s got all the goodies from the Essentials set, and a few other fabulous anti-aging products too, so you can reveal younger looking skin today!