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We Heart Challenges—Join Us for 30 Days, 30 Workouts

Are you ready for a new year, new you challenge? This month’s WeHeart is a special edition because instead of telling you about a company or a product we like,…

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What Do Sensitive Skin and Your Favorite Jeans Have in Common? (Hint: It’s This Month’s WeHeart)

Sometimes our meetings take a weird turn. One day we went around the our meeting circle and shared our favorite household chore. Maybe it went there because we treat our…

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We Heart The Tri

  Typically when we’re adding to our We Heart list, it’s because we’re excited about a single company. This time it’s a little bit different. This month we want to…

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We Heart Dry Farm Wines

We’ve all had that morning. We wake up, our head pounding and our bodies feel weak. Thinking back to the night before, we wonder what could have caused this massive…

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We Heart: Cornucopia

You probably know that that your thoughts, emotions, exercise, and surroundings affect your general well-being, but did you know that they also affect your body’s nutrient levels? For this month’s…

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Stay Sound in Body and Mind with Sanandi

My mentor told me a sad story about the effects of modern agriculture—he said that indigenous people are now falling ill from chemicals showing up in the foods they have…

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