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10 Toxic Ingredients that Might Be in Your Makeup

You’ve cleaned up your diet, banned harsh cleaning products from your arsenal, and even traded your synthetic products for organic skin care. You’re on the path to natural bliss, but…

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Cosmetics Europe Tells Manufacturers to Avoid This Dermatitis-Causing Preservative

In August of last year, we warned you about two chemical preservatives linked to a rise in allergic reactions. Called methylchlorosothiazolinone (MCI) and methylisothiazolinone (MI or MIT), these preservatives may…

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Are You Polluting Our Waterways with Plastic Microbeads?

Have you used those body washes that have little exfoliating beads in them? Did you ever check to see what those beads are made of? If you did, were you…

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Ingredient Watch List: Urea, the Preservative that May Release Formaldehyde

Look at some of your regular store-bought cosmetics, like your makeup, skin care, or hair-care products, and you may find listed there the ingredient “urea.” Doesn’t sound too appetizing, does…

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Ingredient Watch List: Formaldehyde, the Skin-Sensitizing Gas

Remember those old science experiments from seventh grade? Some of us really turned up our noses when the teacher came out with dead frogs in some sort of clear solution…

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