Razor Burn? How to Avoid It, How to Treat It

If you’ve never suffered from razor burn, count yourself extremely lucky. Most women at one time or another suffer from this painful side effect of shaving. And when we’re not…

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9 Home Remedies for Shaving Nicks & Cuts

Most of the time, you’re careful, but then there are those times when things just go wrong. You pushed your disposable razor one use too far. You were in a…

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Why You Shouldn’t Just Exfoliate Your Face

Most of us who try to take good care of our skin remember to exfoliate our faces, but what about our bodies? Exfoliating helps your skin look smoother and more…

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Men’s Skin Care Tips: Groom and Glow

Alright men! As father’s day approaches, we have you XY carriers on the brain. Last year, we published a post that answered the question: Should Men Be Using Skin Care…

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Toxic Chemicals in Shaving Gels—7 Tips for Finding Better Options

You spread it on your skin, shave, and rinse it off. So why would you need to worry about what’s in your shave gel? Your skin is vulnerable during shaving….

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Men—Say Goodbye to Nicks, Cuts, and Overall “Shaving Fatigue”

Several weeks ago, we posted a blog helping gals to avoid razor burn. Now, it’s the guy’s turn. If you’re tired of beating your face up every morning, suffering from…

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