Our MINDs on ziva

We know that it looks like we’re always masking and laughing and having a great time together (we are) but we also work hard here. There are hours in our…

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How Meditation Can Help You Feel and Look Amazing

Guest Post By Emily Fletcher, Founder of Ziva Meditation In the West we have a habit of putting band-aids on our problems. Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Grab an…

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Your Easy Three Day Brain Detox Day Three: Visualize

By Emily Fletcher, Founder, Ziva Meditation You did it! Here we are at day three. I know that yesterday’s task was especially challenging, but I hope you pushed through the…

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A Look into Annmarie Skin Care: How We Make Our Products

Every year, Kevin and Rachel take a trip to our lab in Colorado to meet with our formulator, Bunnie, to check in on the quality and integrity of our process,…

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We Heart: The Do’s and Don’ts of Meditating

By Emily Fletcher, Founder, Ziva Meditation Meditation is having its day in the sun. Almost every week there is a new scientific study released singing its praises. It even reverses…

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what’s your skin score?

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