5 Tips and DIY Recipes for Natural Summer Beauty

Summer is a romantic season, complete with sun-flushed cheeks, rejuvenating vacations, and an explosion of fruit. But it has a dark side. Dehydration, sun damage, stinky armpits. This is REAL…

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A Unique Twist on an Old Thanksgiving Classic

We all know the old Thanksgiving classics—the turkey, the mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, there’s a sweet potato dish or maybe some sort of squash on the table… is your menu…

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3 Natural Swaps You Can Use to Replace Your Conventional Skin Care Products

This article is contributed by Militza Maury of Little Green Dot There’s a dirty secret that conventional skin care manufacturers don’t want you to learn. You can get the same…

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7 Natural Ingredients to Help Your Chapped Lips

We may live in California, but we still entertain winter wonderland fantasies. We imagine walking through the snow to the local eatery to get warm hot chocolate… Bundling up in…

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Make Your Own Masks: 5 DIY Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipes

All you have to do is browse a few birthday cards before it becomes really apparent: people have an aversion to getting older. We’re all for age-acquired wisdom and a…

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what is a tincture

What is a Tincture?

We often talk about tinctures in our articles about herbs and herbal medicines, so we want to make sure that you know exactly what we’re talking about. An easy way…

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what’s your skin score?

Our skin is affected by many factors, including our environment, health, the food we eat, and more. Get your free personalized results and find out your skin score!