6 Tips For Composting This Winter

Contributed by Tim Moore with Backyard Boss The time of year has come where we start putting away the swimming accessories and pulling out the sweaters. At least that’s the…

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Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening: Take Your Garden to New Heights

Have you been racking your brain to find something to fill an empty outdoor wall, bare fence, or awkward space? Save your energy, we have just the thing! Liven up…

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Early Fall Plants

5 Early Fall Crops to Plant Right Now

Are you coming down from a summer produce-induced sugar rush? Reign in your energy and get back to your garden. There are still several plants you can get into your…

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Composting 101

If there’s one thing magical about this world, it’s that you can turn poop into food. Compost is the natural process by which organic waste breaks down into nutrient-rich fertilizer….

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Companion Planting

Companion Planting: How To Grow Beautiful Veggies, Pest Free

  As the harsh reality of New Years resolution struggles and impending tax season befalls you, I urge you to focus your attention on images of spring: galavanting fawns, chirping…

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Urban Gardening: Regrow Your Kitchen Veggies

Starting a garden can be overwhelming! There’s the research, the supply-gathering, the decision of whether to wear a floppy sunhat or the classic straw. I’m tired just thinking about it….

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