facial oils

Face Yoga: The Mini Facelift

We’d like to introduce you to our good friend Fumiko Takatsu. If you want to reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, tighten the look of your double chin, or give your face…

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Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin: What’s the Difference (And How to Fix Yours)

As an esthetician, one of the most common questions I receive is, “What is the difference between hydration and moisture in the skin?” This, my skin care enthusiasts, is a…

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carrier oil

Coconut, Hazelnut, Avocado…? Choose the Facial Oil That Works for Your Skin Type

If you’re familiar with our line, you know that we’re big proponents of using oils in your skin care routine. Since our skin naturally produces oils to protect itself, it…

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Avocado Oil — Your New Favorite Moisturizer

It took a while to convince the world that putting oil on your skin doesn’t mean you’re doomed to clogged pores and breakouts. People are starting to realize that oil…

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Oils vs. lotions

Which are Better: Oils or Lotions?

When standing at the skin care aisle of your local market, it’s no doubt that you’re probably vortexed by the plethora of moisturizing options. After browsing through pretty labels and…

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Men’s Skin Care Tips: Groom and Glow

Alright men! As father’s day approaches, we have you XY carriers on the brain. Last year, we published a post that answered the question: Should Men Be Using Skin Care…

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Our skin is affected by many factors, including our environment, health, the food we eat, and more. Get your free personalized results and find out your skin score!