10 Easy Ways to Naturally Boost Your Mood

On a scale from 1-10, how are you feeling today? Perhaps you’re a 3 and you’re energy reservoir is tapped out from a wild weekend or maybe you’re a 7,…

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Austin Schmid

Be Happy, Lose Weight, In That Order

Contributed by our good friend, Debra Atkinson If you’re used to thinking exercise equals burn calories and lose weight, you’re thinking the traditional way we’ve been taught for decades. We…

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Take the First Two Steps Towards Healthy Choices Every Day

Contributed by our good friend, Debra Atkinson There’s no better way to say it—healthy choices are trending! All around the globe more people than ever are consciously making choices about…

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10 Ridiculously Fun Exercises that Don’t Even Feel Like Work

Guest post written by Mike Jones, sports enthusiast, and blogger at Exercise Bikes Expert. It’s something all your doctors tell you is necessary, but it’s the one thing for which you can…

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9 Ways to Naturally Improve Your Immune System (Plus a Free Workshop)

Original post from NaturalHealth365 The lymphatic system is responsible for neutralizing toxins and purifying the body, all while transporting a precious cargo of infection-fighting cells. It is an integral part…

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Face Mapping: Hormones and Your Chin

Welcome to the last post in our series about face mapping. In case you’re late to the party, face mapping comes from the ancient Chinese practice of “face reading,” in…

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