DIY Bath Bombs

WARNING: What you are about to read may sound a bit scandalous. Maybe even rated PG… The lights are dimmed. Your freshly clean bathtub is filling with water that is…

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Recipe: Paleo Tiramisu (Made with Bulletproof Coffee and Skin-Tightening Collagen)

Contributed by our friends at Paleo Hacks Bulletproof coffee is a popular brain-boosting drink that uses grass-fed butter and coconut oil to create a creamy coffee without any dairy. This…

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Fall is here! 5 Home Beauty Uses for Pumpkin

Desserts, lattes, lotions, decorations, even beer… when it comes to pumpkin, there’s no limits. It’s become insidious. From its stunning orange hue to its yummy taste to its heavenly smell,…

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Our Favorite Organic Household Cleansers Plus 6 Do It Yourself, Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes

  We all talk about living a toxic free life with skin care, right? But are we living it just as clean with our cleaning products? You probably already know…

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5 Unique and Healthy Salad Dressings

Why purchase bottled dressings that contain low-quality, hard-to-digest oils, empty calories and don’t contribute in a positive way to good health? In just a few minutes you can create delicious…

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Sophie Uliano’s Healthy, Plant-Based Protein Bar Recipe

Guest post from Sophie Uliano Breakfast … Ugh. Potentially the most important, and most menacing meal of the day. If you’re anything like me, you’re mornings are CHAOTIC—feed the dogs, wake up…

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