The Difference Between a Detox and a Cleanse (Which One is Right for You?)

Mike Jones, contributor to The world has become dirtier over the ages. With the high level of pollution levels, it is inevitable that at one time or the other, you…

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Why Your Detox Might Miss the Point (Plus 10 Tips to Make it More Powerful)

Ever seen activated charcoal water? Or detox foot pads? Or detox shampoos? These “detox” related products are everywhere these days, and people are shelling out big bucks to participate in…

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Detoxify Defined with Green Smoothie Girl

By our friends at GreenSmoothieGirl We live in a toxic world. Luckily, we have organs of elimination, that help you detoxify every day. But what happens when they can’t keep up? When…

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How to Avoid and Detox From Heavy Metals

You probably know that heavy metals are bad for you. The research out there about the effects of heavy metals on the body is astounding. The most common heavy metal…

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5 Ways to Support Your Detoxification Systems (Plus a 24 Hour Mini Detox)

Contributed by Neda Mowzoun Detoxification is one of the body’s most innate functions to keep it healthy–it is as basic for us as breathing. As we inhale oxygen, we exhale…

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Hot or Cold? Here’s Why the Temperature of Your Water Matters

Today’s article is courtesy of Danette May, America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert. Water, water everywhere! You know you should be drinking a ton of it! About sixty percent of our…

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