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7 Natural Ingredients to Help Your Chapped Lips

Having chapped lips is a frustrating ailment. It hurts to laugh, you’re self-conscious, they might even bleed… And no matter how many times you reapply your chapstick, dryness keeps winning.... Read More

7 Oils You Shouldn’t Use if You Have Clogged Pores

Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for your skin. Natural ingredients are often healthier for your skin than synthetic, but not all natural ingredients work for all... Read More

What’s the Difference Between Extra Virgin and Fractionated Coconut Oil?

We love our coconut oil. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and penetrating fatty acids, it’s one of the most hydrating and plumping oils we can use. That’s why we have it... Read More
coconut oil and acne

The Truth About Coconut Oil and Breakouts

Consumers have gone nuts over coconut oil. Whole Foods even had to expand their shelf space to meet the demand! It used to be that we all avoided coconut oil... Read More

DIY: How to Do an At-Home Facial

Getting a professional facial is a delicacy. There’s nothing like being pampered in a cozy treatment room bed—the steam, the thorough pore cleaning, and we can’t forget the facial massage!... Read More

5 Tips and DIY Recipes for Natural Summer Beauty

Summer is a romantic season, complete with sun-flushed cheeks, rejuvenating vacations, and an explosion of fruit. But it has a dark side. Dehydration, sun damage, stinky armpits. This is REAL... Read More
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