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Unexpected Uses for Tea

3 Herbal Tea Recipes for Youthful Skin (By Skin Type)

When you work with the skin, you quickly learn that most of what shows up is a response to internal or external factors. The skin’s main function is to be... Read More
Butcher's Broom

Butcher’s Broom for Skin: Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles

Looking for a natural way to reduce the appearance of dark, undereye circles? We’ve got it for you. Butcher’s broom—also known as “knee holly” and “Jew’s myrtle”—is a low, evergreen shrub that can... Read More
Rosemary for Skin

Rosemary for Skin: Rejuvenate and Balance your Natural Oils

You may wonder why a light blue flower like this is called “rosemary.” Turns out that the name has nothing to do with Mary or roses. Rosemary got its name... Read More

Read This and You Will Never Skip Sunscreen Again

You’ve heard it a zillion times. You’re supposed to wear sunscreen every day, all day, rain or shine. And you certainly wear it when you go to the beach, go... Read More

Top 5 Anti-Aging Buzz Words Explained

“I thought I knew a lot, until I learned a little.” – Robin Sharma How often do we see or hear a word over and over until it is so... Read More

Vetiver for Skin: Fade the Appearance of Dark Spots

The next time you walk through a field of grass, look a little more closely. Though they may seem common plants, some species of grass have a number of gifts... Read More
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