Submit Your Video Review for the Chance to be Featured (And a Gift Card!)


The new face of Annmarie Skin Care is… YOU! We love to hear from you about how beautiful our products make you feel and we want to give you an opportunity to show off that beautiful glow!

We would love to use our real community in our marketing materials so we're asking for videos with any short testimonial you would like to offer.

If we decide to use your video, we'll send you a $10 electronic gift card.

How do I create a video?

It’s easy! Follow these simple steps.

  • Find what you’ll be recording with – it can be your smartphone, tablet, or camera—don’t worry about fancy equipment!
  • Your video should be 20-50 seconds long.
  • We suggest you ask a friend to record you! If your friend is recording for you, we’d prefer you record your video testimonial in landscape orientation.

  • If you are recording your video yourself in selfie-mode, we prefer you record your video testimonial in portrait orientation.


Video Requirements

For consideration, please be sure to include the following checklist in your video:

  • Mention our company name, Annmarie Skin Care.
  • Talk about your experience with our products—why you love them, how you use them, anything you have to say about them! Let us know which products are your favorite or what unique routines you’ve created for yourself with our line.alternative uses for beauty products
  • A plus if you are able to record your video in good lighting (natural light is preferred), so we are able to see your beautiful face clearly.

Video Tips


If you are planning to take your video outdoors, try standing against nature (woods, garden, ocean, lake, etc.).

If you are planning to take your video indoors, try standing against a white wall, or a simple, mostly solid, neutral-colored background.


Try taking your video in natural lighting for best results. If you're shooting outdoors, you'll find plenty of natural light! If you're shooting indoors, you'll find promising results sitting near a window while the sun is out.



Try taking your video where there is minimal background noise, so we are able to hear you and your testimonial clearly.


You’re the star! Please stand in the center of the frame and take your video from the chest up.

Make sure not to crop your shot too closely. Create some space around you (your sides and above your head) to capture a bit of the backdrop, which will help the video look beautifully balanced.

Submitting your Video

Email your video to [email protected] with the subject line Annmarie Skin Care Video Testimonial.

If your video is too large to email, try uploading it to Google Drive, DropBox, or WeTransfer and sharing with us through those options.

We will be in touch if your video is chosen.

Thanks! We can’t wait to see your videos!


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  1. Claudette Witkowski says

    Your products are simply amazing and so soothing and refreshing to the skin . I simply feel revitalize day after day l!
    Thank you for all your heart felt work and passion for natural wholesome beauty !
    Alive and beautiful !
    Claudette ❤️

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