illuminating pearl mask

Introducing the Illuminating Pearl Mask, Your New Favorite Skin Care Ritual

We. Love. Masks. We simply can’t stress it enough. Aside from having amazing benefits for your skin, we love how masking forces you to slow […]

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Submit Your Video Review for the Chance to be Featured (And a Gift Card!)

The new face of Annmarie Skin Care is… YOU! We love to hear from you about how beautiful our products...

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We Heart: Sundots

We spend a ton of time outside here in sunny California. As you might already know, at Annmarie Skin Care,...

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collagen and elastin

What’s the Difference Between Collagen and Elastin?

We hear these two words all the time when we’re talking about skin care: collagen and elastin. We know they...

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Meet Chandra Oh, The Designer Behind Your New Favorite Tote Bag

Earlier last month, we announced the launch of our exciting new Featured Artist Tote Bag Program. If you haven’t heard...

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3 Unexpected Uses for the Beauty Blend Tea

The Beauty Blend Tea is pretty much the perfect compliment to our line. Chances are, you’re using our skin care...

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pearl powder

Pearl Powder: The Brightening Elixir You Need in Your Skin Routine

Pearls are said to symbolize wisdom gained through experience. As the birthstone for June, this organic stone is the subject...

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