Should I Apply My Sunscreen Before or After My Moisturizer?

In general, when applying skincare products, you want to apply the lightest products first, moving to the more substantial products as you go. However, there are many arguments about when to apply sunscreen to give you the best results. Is it better to apply sunscreen first, allowing it to bond more closely with your skin, supposedly making it more effective in blocking harmful rays, OR should you apply your sunscreen at the very end of your skincare regimen so that it serves as the final layer of protection for your skin?

We consulted with the folks at The Skin Cancer Foundation for answers here. They definitely have your best interests in mind, as far as the health of your skin is concerned, and their final verdict on the moisturizer-or-sunscreen-first debate is this: Apply your moisturizer first and follow up with sunscreen afterward. Applying moisturizer last, even one as gentle and non-toxic as ours can actually affect the chemical composition of your sunscreen and weaken its ability to protect your gorgeous skin. It can even change the way UV rays interact with your skin. Talk about a burn.

Here’s the recommendation of the good people at The Skin Cancer Foundation: Once you apply your moisturizer (we here at Annmarie happen to love ours), wait for it to fully dry before applying a generous amount of sunscreen (again, we love ours!), then wait at least 15 minutes to allow your sunscreen to absorb into your skin before applying any kind of makeup, and you’ll be fully protected against the harsh rays of the sun.

Remember— After taking such care to apply your sunscreen properly, don’t forget to reapply after swimming, sweating, or using a towel on your face!