Gwendolyn Cunningham

Gwen Cunningham

Gwen's happy place is the kitchen. She loves cooking and experimenting with organic produce and posting photos of her creations on her food blog. She also loves spreading awareness for wholesome living by encouraging others to eat real foods, utilize herbal medicine, and take care of their bodies in a sustainable way. You are most likely to find Gwen at the farmer's market or her local apothecary picking out plants and tinctures.

Where you grew up:

Los Angeles, California

Your official position:

Inventory & Supply Chain Manager

Your real position:

Maintaining quality relationships with vendors & making sure everything is in stock aka inventory hawk


My yoga ball chair, organic snacks, and good company

speed questions

Chai or coffee:

Coffee, but my go-to is Earl Grey

Decaf or regular:

Regular, for sure

Snow or sun:

Sun, please!

Beach or mountains:

Can’t live without either

Book or kindle:


Country or city:

City for living, country for relaxing

Hummus or guacamole:


Honey or maple syrup:


Tennis -singles or doubles:

Doubles for support

Almond butter or peanut butter:

Almond Butter

Chocolate or vanilla:

Almond Butter

Texas or California:

California, no question

Mexican Food Or Japanese:

Ahh, can’t decide. Both are crucial.

Cats or dogs:


PC or Mac:


FB or Twitter:


Shopping or camping:

Both, please!

Pen & paper or iPad:

Pen and Paper

Football or soccer:


WHat's your favorite way to re-charge?

Growing up, our way of re-charging as a family was always camping, which I have definitely adopted into adulthood. Even if only for a couple of nights – getting out of the city, being able to see the stars, and taking in deep breaths of fresh air is the best way for me to get out of my element and let go of anything that no longer serves me.

WHat's your favorite food?

I don’t have a specific favorite meal but I can’t live without avocados, raspberries, chocolate chip cookies, bbq chips and french fries

What makes your heart smile?

My dad, organic produce, and anything involving Frida Kahlo.

What do you love about working with ASC?

The office culture is really unique at ASC. We have such an open and inviting space designed to make customers, guests, and employees as comfortable as possible. While it can be difficult to fade into the work week on a Monday in most office spaces, I personally look forward to coming to work. Mainly because I love packages and Monday marks the day when things are delivered! We receive two fresh jugs of organic Moose Juice, fresh mountain spring water, Good Eggs produce and pantry goods from Thrive at the beginning of every week which illuminates my health conscious body and mind.

If you were an essential blend, what would it be and why?

I’m very much a gemini so my scent of choice depends on one of two vibes: if i’m feeling girly and sweet I would go for a combination of rose and jasmine. However, if i was feeling more woodsy and needed to be grounded, I would go for vetiver and pine.

What's your favorite book?

For insight and inspiration: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. To kick back and laugh: Post Office by Charles Bukowski.

What color would you make the sky if it wasn't blue anymore?

Lavender everything please

What's your favorite quote?

You should love your crooked neighbor with all your crooked heart.