There are more than
toxic chemicals in the products
Rachel, Hope, Abby, AND Courtney just put on their skin.

These Chemicals include:


a known

Retinyl Palmitate

a carcinogen and
reproductive toxicant

Butylated Hydroxyanisole

a hormone disrupting



We'd like to show you a better way...

Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation is a new, nontoxic way to wear makeup.

Our pigmented powders blend with your moisturizer to create a natural liquid
foundation. You are in control of the amount of coverage - from a tinted glow
to a flawless finish. With only four ingredients, Minerals Multi-Purpose
Foundation gives you peace of mind in addition to beautiful skin.

why Minerals

naturally beautiful

MAKEUP THAT BLENDS SEAMLESSLY with your moisturizer for a naturally perfected look that wears through the day, without settling into
fine lines and wrinkles.

clean and non toxic

that are free of hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and carcinogens.

coverage you desire

and cover imperfections. You control
the level of coverage, from a tinted
moisturizer to a flawless finish.

Changing the way you use makeup.

Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation blends with your favorite Facial Oil or Serum so you can perfect and nourish your complexion at the same time. You get to adjust your level of coverage as you like, using more powder to create a more full-coverage foundation, and less powder (or more oil) for more of
a tinted moisturizer look.

Choose from our 8 shades: Pearl, Sand, Honey,
Olive, Nutmeg, Maple, Mocha, and Clove – or blend
multiple together to create your custom color.

The Story Behind Minerals

my husband, Kevin, and I were teaching nutrition and health while we traveled across the United States in an RV called the "Kale Whale."

Our popular blog Renegade Health was a journal of what we were learning as we met, interviewed and spent time with some of the world’s most celebrated healers, doctors and teachers.

Along the way, I was finding that more and more people were
asking me what skin products I was using to keep my skin so healthy.

These readers wanted a line that was
just as natural and pure as the diet
that we were teaching.

When we went into the bathroom cabinet to take a look at the
products we were using, we were embarrassed to find they
weren't up to our own standards. So over the next year or
so, we first looked for a product that we could share.

When we didn't find that, we looked to formulate our own, but this led to discovering that skin care companies don’t have to put everything in their products on the label - something we weren’t happy about either. Finally, we teamed up with a fantastic woman and formulator (and now part owner) who eventually helped us develop what is now the

award-winning line called Annmarie Skin Care.
Annmarie Skin Care was
created with the mission of
providing pure, natural and
skin care made with organic ingredients
that delivers
the results you want to see -
with no label trickery, too.

Since then, we've been so happy to hear
from thousands and thousands of happy
customers who are using our natural
products and seeing the transformation
of their appearance.

Now, after five years, we - now a team
of amazing, passionate people - are
taking on a new challenge. When you're
nourishing your skin with organic skin
care, you don't want to cover it up with
toxic makeup. The makeup industry, like
skin care, uses harmful chemicals to
create its products too.

Our mission was to bring you a makeup line you could confidently know would
make you look and feel beautiful, but also do so knowing it was good for your skin.

We're happy to announce that this product is now here.


It's not a full line yet, but it’s the first step and
most essential to any makeup routine - foundation.

With Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation, we've created something that will give ideal coverage for everyone, whether you want a subtly tinted glow or a flawless finish.

It has (of course) completely natural ingredients and looks natural on your skin, while also covering up imperfections and evening out skin tone.

It's different, but easy to use. Our mineral powders blend with your moisturizer, facial oil or facial serum to create a liquid foundation.

After hours and hours of testing, trying and applying, what we love about this makeup is that you're totally in control - whether you want a tinted moisturizer or a more full coverage foundation.
We also love it’s simplicity - with four, clean ingredients, you
can feel good about using it every day, just like we do.

What's in Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation?

We chose just four ingredients to create our pigmented mineral powders: zinc oxide,
titanium dioxide, iron oxide, which is water resistant and provides the color,
and mica, to add radiance.

We’d love for you to try it and let us know
how it works for you too.

much love,

How to Use
Tap a small pea-sized amount of our newest Minerals in the palm of your hand.
Add 1-2 pumps of your favorite Facial Oil or Facial Serum.
Mix in your hand, then apply to your face until blended in.
How to use your Minerals
How to blend colors using your Minerals

To learn more about the unhealthy ingredients commonly used by the makeup industry, check out our article here

"I will never use another makeup product again and hope to see even more options down the line!" *

Brenna Ortner
Certified Holistic
Health Coach

"...​you might like Minerals because it's clean makeup - free of any nasty chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances." *

Suzanne Rex
Art Director/
Graphic Designer

"At 59 I finally found a foundation that is good for my skin easy to apply covers my freckles and age spots and looks natural." *

Denise Schwartz
Style Consultant

"The combination of the powder and hydrating organic facial oils/serums feels amazing, super natural, and lasts me all day." *

Buffy Gil

"This stuff is awesome.
Can't wait to share it
with everyone I know!"

ASC customer

"I love my flawless skin!
Minerals is my
favorite skinfood!"

ASC customer

"I had been looking
for the​ ​right foundation
for over 30 years.
I finally found it.​"

ASC customer

"Wonderful. Just
wonderful. My skin
won’t stop glowing."

ASC customer
*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.
We Can't Wait for You to Try It!

Made with real
minerals from nature

Cruelty Free

No animal testing at all

Real Pure

No hidden ingredients
or preservatives


We're changing
the industry

Our Guarantee To You: With over thousands of 5-star reviews on our products, we have a feeling you're going to love them too! But just in case, your purchase is backed with a complete money-back guarantee. If you don't like them, we'll completely refund your purchase, no questions asked. This puts the responsibility on us to deliver the best possible products and results to you. Click here to read our full policy.

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As Seen In

"Annmarie's skin products are the secret sauce I need for my skin to reflect my inner bliss. Wild crafted and beyond organic, they smell awesome (Neroli toning mist, anyone?), are free of harmful synthetic chemicals and endocrine disruptors, and most importantly - they work!" *

Sara Gottfried, MD

Author, Yoga Teacher

"For decades, one of my passions has been searching the globe for the best products made with natural ingredients - and it’s truly rare to find a skin care line as pure as Annmarie Gianni’s. More than healthy ingredients that promote young, beautiful skin, Annmarie’s skin care line is heavenly aromatherapy at it’s best. I highly recommend her entire line — use it in good health!" *


Nutritional Consultant,
Educator and best selling author of The Body Ecology Diet

"These products are natural and chemical free, totally in alignment with my health recommendations. And they are far more effective than anything I've seen in my 20 years of practice. They smell and feel amazing, and they really work. I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for healthy, youthful, glowing skin." *


An Eight-Time New York Times Bestselling Author

"I am so pleased to have discovered Annmarie Skin Care Line. My skin loves these pure incredients and I am especially pleased with how well the anti-aging products work. I have happy, healthy, glowing skin and this is how I nourish each day. *

In loving memory of Louise Hay

Writer and Health Coach

These epic-ly high-quality, all natural, organic skin food products nourish my Crazy Sexy epidermis. Truthfully, I am totally addicted to them, and I've really noticed a significant difference in the quality of my skin since using this line (in addition to eating a plant-passionate diet and drinking lots of water and green juice!). Plus, these luscious products smell absolutely DIVINE!

Sisters, if you’re looking for something new, give this chemical-free skin care line a whirl here. They’re an all-natural, organic blend between shaman magic, Medicine Woman wisdom and a potent herbalist cocktail. (Hey Bartender! I’ll definitely have another). *

Kris Carr

New York Times Bestselling Author

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

The first step on your way to beautiful, radiant skin is determine your skin type. Knowing what your skin is sensitive to allows you to tailor your skin care routine and pick the products that will be most beneficial to you. After all, how can you fix a problem if you don’t know what it is?

The Simplest Way to Figure out which kind
of skin you have is to do an easy test:

  • 1Tonight before you go to bed, skip your normal skin care routine. Instead, wash your face with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your face of natural oils, such as our Aloe Herb Cleanser.
  • 2Pat your face dry and do not apply anything else.
  • 3When you wake up in the morning, evaluate how your skin feels.
    Does it feel tight and dry?
    Does it feel oily?
Quick Tip:

An easy way to know if your cleanser is gentle or not is whether it is non-foaming. Soaps that lather easily tend to be harsher in stripping your skin of oils, whereas those that don’t lather wash away dirt and dead skin but leave behind good oils.

If you need extra help evaluating
your skin, do the Tissue Test:

Take tissue paper (or a tissue that has no added lotion) and, with clean, dry hands, lay the tissue flat
on your face and pat it gently against your skin.

If the tissue has no oily spots, you likely have dry skin.

This means that you would most benefit from products that have extra moisturizing properties.

If the tissue is oily everywhere, then you have oily skin.

The best solution for you is products created to nourish your skin naturally without making you produce extra sebum.

If the tissue has oily spots in your t-zone (your nose, forehead, and chin) then you have combination skin.

You would most benefit from using products that are formulated to fight oil on the oily regions of your face and also to moisturize the dry areas of your face.

Quick Tip:

If there is an extreme difference from the t-zone to the other areas of your face, you may even benefit from using two different products, each on the proper region of your face.

For example, using a product formulated for oily skin on your t-zone and products for normal or dry skin on the rest of your face.

Once you know your skin type you can take special care to protect the sensitive areas of your face and only use the right products for your skin. Before you know it, your skin will be more radiant than ever!

  • Is this makeup considered a foundation?
  • Minerals is a way to tint your moisturizer, to even out your skin tone and minimize imperfections. We like to think of it as a way to merge the worlds of skin care and makeup.

  • Will this give me full coverage like the other liquid foundations?
  • With Minerals, you are able to customize the amount of coverage. A small tap of powder into your serum or oil will add subtle color. For more coverage, add a tap or two more. The beauty of this makeup is that you are completely in control over the color saturation. Experiment to figure out exactly what works for you!

  • Can I mix colors?
  • Yes! We encourage you to mix colors to achieve your perfect shade, if you like.

  • What amount do I use for full coverage versus a tinted look?
  • For a more a subtle, tinted look, use less than a small tap of powder with 1-2 pumps of our serum or oil.

    For more full coverage, use 1 or 2 taps of powder with 1-2 pumps of our serum or oil.

  • Can I pre-mix a week’s worth of makeup and store it in the refrigerator?
  • Yes! If you want to premix your oil or serum with Minerals, it stores well for about a week.

  • How do I know which oil or serum to use with this makeup?
  • We have 3 facial oils (Anti-Aging, Normal/Combination, and Oily) and 2 serums.

    To find out which products are best for your skin type, see our blog post here.

  • Is the oil sample included with makeup right for my skin?
  • We send a sample of our Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin along with Minerals because this is the most gentle of our facial oils (it’s what we recommend to those with sensitive skin). Grape seed oil is the base for this oil, which is deeply moisturizing as well as suitable for oily skin. The lovely herbs infused into this blend, such as gotu kola, renew your look.

    If your skin is dry, you may want to try our Anti-Aging Facial Oil. If you skin is oily, you may want to try the Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin.

    We offer free shipping on all of our sample kits, and they come with $10 off coupons! Try samples according to your skin type, risk free!

  • I already have a moisturizer I love! Can I use it with Minerals?
  • Minerals mixes well with most moisturizers. We recommend one that is oil based

  • Can I wear it as a loose powder?
  • This makeup works best mixed with oil or serum, but you can also use a brush to apply it as a dry powder.

  • Can I use a brush to apply it?
  • Many people have told us they have good result using a brush or sponge to apply the makeup, but clean hands work wonderfully as well!

  • If I get sweaty or cry, will this makeup look streaky?
  • So it’s time for your monthly home screening of The Notebook, but you want to look flawless while doing it. We get that. We've tested this foundation ourselves while exercising -- as well as during rough patches -- and are thrilled with its ability to hold up with our active (and emotional) lives.

  • Do you offer a scoop or container to mix Minerals?
  • We do not currently have additional tools or containers with which to use Minerals. If this is something that would greatly improve your experience using it, feel free to tell us!

  • Will Minerals clog my pores if I use it everyday?
  • No. Minerals contains only 4 ingredients, all of which work well with all skin types and won’t clog your pores.

  • Will you be adding additional makeup products to your line?
  • We have lots to explore on the cosmetic horizon! We are expanding our line gradually in order to focus on bringing you the purest and most effective products possible. Click here to let us know what kind of makeup you would like to see from us next!

  • How do I remove Minerals?
  • Minerals washes off with a simple facial cleanser. We recommend our Aloe-Herb Cleanser for those with normal, dry, or mature skin and the Citrus Mint Cleanser for those with oily or acne prone complexions. Those with combination skin can use either, or both!

  • What is the expiration date for Minerals?
  • Our Minerals have an expiration of 5 years. Keep in mind that this is a powder that should steer clear of moisture for maximum freshness.

Get Your Minerals Sample Here for Only $20

Plus Receive a $10 Off Coupon to use on a future purchase! And Get FREE Shipping Anywhere!


*FREE SHIPPING only applies to sample kits.
If you order additional products with your order, shipping will be charged on those items.