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Where you grew up: Brookfield, CT

Your Official Position: Mr. Boss Man

Your Real Position: Keeping the wheels on the bus.

What keeps you coming to work everyday? Knowing that we’re cultivating a massive change in an industry that needs it. Also, to hang out with our awesome team.

Speed Questions:

chai or coffee: Coffee

decaf or regular: Regular

snow or sun: Sun

beach or mountains: Mountains

book or kindle: Kindle. There are so many options in that small little thing.

country or city: City

hummus or guacamole: Guacamole

honey or maple syrup: Honey

tennis: singles or doubles: Doubles

almond butter or peanut butter: Almond is healthier, but peanut butter just tastes better.

chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate tastes good with a little vanilla added.

texas or california: CA, more specifically NorCal.

food: japanese or mexican: Can I have one for lunch and one for dinner?

cats or dogs: Both, but only cats in the house.

PC or Mac: Used to be PC, until I got a MacBook Air.

FB or Twitter: Facebook

shopping or camping: Shopping for camping gear.

pen and paper or ipad: iPad

football or soccer: In some countries this is a trick question.

What do you love about working with ASC?

It allows me to fulfill a need to make a difference as well as change the landscape of a corrupted industry.

If you were to create a essential oil blend what would it contain?

Peppermint and citrus. Invigorating and eye-opening.

What is your favorite Annmarie Gianni Skin Care routine?

Aloe Herb Cleanser, Anti-Aging Serum and the Herbal Oil for Normal Skin in the morning. Dead Sea Scrub every 3-4 days. Rosemary Peppermint Body Wash in the shower.

What’s your favorite book?

Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers – The Power of Myth

What’s your favorite way to re-charge??

Take a run in the woods.

What’s your favorite food?

If you’re talking food that I can eat, Ann’s Mom’s eggplant. Food that I don’t and can’t eat – pizza.

What color would you make the sky if it wasn’t blue anymore?


What makes your heart smile?

Annmarie and our son

Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t otherwise know.

I was voted the Class Blusher in 8th grade.

What was the most interesting trip you have ever taken? Why?

Two and a half years around the U.S. in an RV was amazing. Ann and I were able to see so many things and learn so much about different parts of the country.

What is your favorite breakfast food?

Yogurt, but I don’t eat it – lactose intolerant.

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

Invest it and use the interest as salary – then keep working here.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Spend a year in Europe.

What do you do to make yourself feel gorgeous?

Get my toe nails done once a month. Just kidding. Nothing.

What do you feel your life purpose is?

Do good.

Name your best trait.

I’m tall, so I can reach things on high shelves for Annmarie.

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