How Do I Stop My Foundation From Settling Into My Pores and Looking Spotty?

Foundation gives that extra coverage we all want, but by the end of the day, sometimes it might settle into your pores or even into fine lines, which is not the look anyone wants. There are a few things you can do to prevent this, and once you find the method that works best for your skin type, you can say goodbye to spotty foundation for good!

Makeup artists often suggest only using foundation where necessary. While you may want to use foundation all over your face, you can save product and get better results if you only apply foundation where you really need it. Sometimes using too much foundation makes it easier for the makeup to shift and settle where you don’t want it to shift – right into your pores. Try using a little less and see what you think!

Also, preparing your skin and creating a smooth canvas for your makeup can also keep things from moving around too much. Using a moisturizer first, like our Anti-Aging Facial Oil or our Herbal Facial Oil for Normal & Combination Skin evens out the texture of your face, so there are fewer places for your makeup to shift around and settle into your pores.

If you are using our all-natural Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation, one popular technique is to turn it into a liquid foundation! For some skin types, liquid foundation just seems to set better. You can actually mix a pea-sized amount of the mineral makeup in your hand with one of our facial oils or serums and create your own liquid foundation. You can apply it with your favorite makeup brush or your finger, and you will end up with a bright, dewy glow that makes you look youthful and energized, not cakey or spotty.