How Do I Stop My Forehead From Getting So Oily?

Oily skin is caused by an excess of sebum or skin oil produced in your pores. This can be caused by puberty, stress, and fluctuating hormones that change throughout the month, but the main cause might just be genetics. We do need some of this oil to protect our skin from the elements on a daily basis, but some of us feel like our skin can get too oily, giving our face an unwanted slick look. While you can’t change your genes, you can certainly do things to keep oil production in your pores to a minimum.

If your skin (especially the skin on your forehead) produces too much sebum, it can lead to an overly shiny appearance, as well as clogged pores, or some unwanted issues. You may be tempted to overwash your face or use products that dry out your skin, which can actually be counterproductive. Your skin needs to maintain some oil as a natural protectant that will keep moisture in. If you dry out your skin or remove too much of your skin’s natural oil, your skin may react by producing, even more, oil, exacerbating the condition. For this reason, many dermatologists recommend washing your face only twice a day— any more than that can be excessively drying.

Some find that drinking lots of water and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can be helpful in keeping their skin less oily, but many find that they need a bit of extra help to minimize oil production and help to stop their oily skin. While it may sound crazy to use a facial oil to combat your excess skin oil, our Organic Herb Facial Oil for Oily Skin can help keep your face from getting too shiny. This oil is specially balanced to give your skin the moisture it needs without the slick appearance. Using fast-absorbing grapeseed oil as a base, the facial oil won’t collect on your skin or leave you feeling greasy. The white willow bark oil and neem unclog your pores to balance how much natural sebum your skin produces, helping to reduce the amount of oil you see and feel on your skin. This combination of light hydration and cleared pores will help keep oil production low, giving you a beautiful, glowing complexion that isn’t too shiny.