How Can You Tell If Your Essential Oil Is High Quality?

As supporters of organic beauty products ourselves, we here at Annmarie Skin Care love the cultural shift towards the use of essential oils instead of harmful chemicals for both perfumes and aromatherapy. And we want you to be able to find a high-quality essential oil that still makes you feel like your best self, without any harmful chemicals or unnecessary fillers.

Check the label

When shopping for essential oils, read the label. Your first choice should always be an oil that is organic in nature and/or wildcrafted, and a 100% pure oil.  Check to make sure an oil is organic or wildcrafted. If it is not, inquire to make sure these essential oils have been tested for any pesticide residue and are clean. Pure oils mean there is nothing extra added – no fillers, just the essential oil. Don’t worry about your oil being labeled “therapeutic grade” or “clinical grade” – there is no standard for these claims. This doesn’t mean the supplier is trying to trick you, but it doesn’t have to make or break your oil selection. But organic and wildcrafted oil sources are definitely the way to go for the best essential oils!

Study up on your science

When you are checking the label on any essential oil or essential oil blend, check to see that they list the plant name or scientific name of the plant- that can help you determine an oil’s validity. For example, our oil blend Grounded is made with a sandalwood essential oil, but we also list it as Santalum album, which shows that we, as the producer, know the exact chemotype, or scientific fingerprint, of the plant that makes up our sandalwood oil, and have taken special care to know exactly how and where the plant is sourced – keeping you free from toxins and harsh chemicals.


We’ve all heard it, but it remains true here too: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” When looking for essential oils, price does not always equal quality, but keep in mind that something unbelievably inexpensive is probably not the highest in quality, so check the label. However, a true, pure essential oil (or an awesome blend of essential oils like ours!) is so high in concentration and potency that a little goes a long way and will last a long time. In order to make one ounce of rose oil, it takes 250 pounds of rose blossoms, which means that if you find a “great deal” on one, it’s probably not the best quality. We keep our oil blends as affordable as possible while still bringing you, our loyal customers, a top-notch product.

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