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Become a Wholesaler

Becoming an International Wholesaler

Wholesale Information for International Locations (outside of the US / Canada)

Are you a skin care professional or spa owner and wish to incorporate Annmarie Skin Care into your practices? Do you operate a wellness business or boutique and want to share Annmarie with your customers?

We want to connect with our wholesale locations and create a relationship based on aligned values. We select qualified new accounts each quarter (Dec, Mar, June, Sept). This assures us the ability to carefully follow up with continuing education, support, and growth. We are not a multi-level marketing company and do not use direct sales representatives.

Qualifications and Standards:

  • Believe and represent the greater good of organic and pure skin care.
  • We do not sell to big box stores.
  • Only we serve our products on Amazon.

Beginning your journey:

  • Full application required.
  • Once applications are reviewed, we will be in contact to schedule a potential phone interview.
  • Approved applicants seal the deal by signing a MAP agreement.
  • All staff directly involved in representing our line receive product trainings that will leave them informed about our products and comfortable making recommendations.

Being a wholesaler with us:

  • Wholesalers receive a special discount off of retail prices.
  • A minimum purchase of $1000 is required per order.
  • Shipping is through USPS or UPS (DHL and FedEx are available upon request).
  • We can ship using your own third party account number to offset shipping costs.
  • Exclusive specials offered monthly.
  • Wholesale businesses will be listed on our website.
  • We provide high resolution images and helpful marketing materials.

If all this sounds good, please fully complete the application form below. We will be in touch with you about the status of your application when the review process begins.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQs or Contact Us.

Tax ID/ Re-sellers Permit

Where are you located? In which country do you want to distribute ASC?

Are you currently a distributor for other health or skin care related companies?

Do you have an existing network of retail outlets or stores that you sell other products to?

Are you familiar with shipping costs, customs and import laws
and regulations within your country of distribution? *


What is your estimated initial order size? (in USD)

What gross number of sales do you estimate for the upcoming 6 months? (in USD)

Are you an Online Store?


Or, do you have a Physical Location? (spa, store, etc)

Tell us your story. Why do you want to distribute Annmarie Gianni Skin Care? (optional)

Any other comments?